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Color Coding

Throughout the Setup workspace, Voyager uses color to indicate the following:

  • Black: A normal setting
  • Gold or Yellow: Use caution when changing as things may not work well or as expected
  • Red: Use extreme care when changing this setting - the wrong value can damage your equipment or the imaging session may fail

Common Workspace

Click the Common button in the Setup workspace to display the Common settings window, which contains miscellaneous settings Common to all Profile. This settings are ineriths in all Profile you will use:

Common Workspace.png

Application Server

The Application Server panel of the Voyager Setup workspace tells Voyager whether or not to start the bundled Application Server.

The Application Server is bundled with the base version starting with Voyager 2.0.14f (daily build) and 2.1.0 (stable).

Refer to the Application Server section for more information.

Changes to any of these settings take effect the next time you start Voyager.


  • Activate it on Start (*): If checked, start the bundled application server when Voyager starts. This is not checked by default
  • Not Logging Heartbeat(*): If checked, do not log the Heartbeat events which occur every 5 seconds. This is checked by default, as there are many heartbeat events per hour and you probably don't want to log them all
  • Dashboard JPG Quality: Select the desired JPG quality level from the drop-down. Use a lower quality if your connection speed can't support a higher quality, or if you are on a metered connection and wish to reduce the amount of data transferred.

Application Server Authentication

The Application Server Authentication panel of the Voyager Remote workspace contains parameters for the Authentication metod used by Application Server to allow remote connections:


  • None: Autenthication will not be done, access to Application server is free.
  • User Password: Access to Application Server need an authentication with username and password, not other ways are allowed. Credential is store in Voyager actually loaded profile.
  • Authentication Ticket: A special ticket made by encrypted file or OTP code is needed to access to Application Server (reserved to renting features) and not other ways are allowed.
  • Authentication Ticket or User Password: Application Server access will be authorized or using the username and passord or ticket/OTP code

Important Note! Authentication for local PC Voyager's applications is not required also if set up. Voyager external application like FITViewer continue to work without need to asking auth stuff.

Important Note! Change to all setting in this box need a Voyager restart to be applied

Default Remote User

The Default Remote User panel of the Voyager remote workspace contains parameters for authentication of Application Server remote clients:


  • Username: case sensitive username required to access to the Application Server from external client, if Authentication level need Username and Password
  • Password: case sensitive password required to access to the Application Server from external client, if Authentication level need Username and Password
  • Skull Button: toggle between show in clear the password or obfuscated by *
  • Apply: press the button to apply changes

Important Note! Default credentials are

admin password

Please change it immediately !!!

Important Note! Just define username and password is not enough to protect application server Authentication. You need also to activate authentication using the Application Server Authentication panel settings

RoboTarget Shared Secret

The RoboTarget Shared Secret panel of the Voyager remote workspace contains encrypt shared secret used in pair with RoboTarget Manager to allow secure encrypt communication between Application server and RoboTarget Manager (RoboTarget Manager is part of the Voyager Advanced/Full Version of Voyager):


  • Secret: case sensitive text (number, letter, simbols) used By Application Server to rolling encrypt data communications (local and remote)
  • Skull Button: toggle between show in clear the secret or obfuscated by *
  • Apply: press the button to apply changes
Important Note! Please do not sharing with others the secret. Secret must be match between Voyager and RoboTarget Manger to work correctly. Default is empty, provide your secret as soon as possible.

Web Server

As an option, Voyager's Web Dashboard can be hosted on the machine running Voyager. If you choose this option, the HTML and supporting files used in the Web Dashboard will be served to your browser via an internal web server included with Voyager. No Internet connection is required with this option.

Alternatively, if you have an Internet connection, you can run the Web Dashboard using the files hosted at


  • Activate it on Start (*): If checked, Voyager's internal web server will start when you start Voyager. This web server will be used to serve the Web Dashboard files
  • TCP/IP Port: Select the TCP/IP port on which the web server will listen for a connection. The default is port 80.

For more information on using the Web Dashboard, see

Important Note! Any changes made in this section will not take effect until you restart Voyager

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