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This page contains examples of extending Voyager with its built-in tools such as DragScript.

HitecAstro Mount Hub Pro Management

Thanks to Nicolas Kizilian for this contribution and write-up (https://forum.voyagerastro.com/t/hitecastro-mount-hub-pro-management-with-scripts/681)

Editor: While this is an example of how to support a specific piece of hardware, the technique used - calling external programs from a DragScript - can be used for many other things.

For my setup I’m using an HitecAstro MountHubPro (MHP) for managing my power outputs and dew heaters.

Although it isn’t supported (yet?) by Viking, you can automate it with DragScript.

  • First you’ll need a tool developed by Darren Jehan from CN called TANOS MHP. This tool lets you activate/deactivage any output, manage the dew heaters output and the focuser controller on your MHP with simple command lines. You can download this tool from my GDrive here
  • Install TANOS MHP The usage of TANOS is pretty simple
    • Mhp-1.png
    • In DragScript, inject a Script block calling TANOS MHP to activate or deactivate the outputs:
      • Mhp-2.png


Very easy isn’t it ?

Another idea would be to get the data from your weather sensors and activate/deactivate/manage your dew heaters depending on the temperature and the dew point automatically.

I hope that’ll help ! Nicolas