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What is RoboClip

RoboClip is a facility manager for import, editing, storage, retrieve and sharing of data related to the user targets.

Targets Data are made of RA J2000,DEC J2000,Target Name, Position Angle, Group and Note memo text. All the field are completly editable from users.

You can store inside RoboClip all the targets you want getting coord data and name optionally from Internet, connected planetarium or from Sesame online research tool (governative online database structures) or just simpy editing it by hand.

This data will be stored in a database placed in the Documents/Voyager/Data folder and will not be affected by new Voyager installations or upgrade.

So you can create your personal catalog of interest targets to shot during your activities directly in Voyager without passing for a planetarium and/or without having one.

Form release 2.2.6 of Voyager and 1.0.12 of Web Dashboard is now possible to create modify and use a powerful mosaic tool.

A video about RoboClip:

How to use RoboClip

You can use RoboClip from whatever place in Voyager modules and applications you will found a button with caption "RoboClip".

Clicking on this button you will open the same windows manager with the same format and the same information shared from the central database also if you are connected in Application Server (RoboTarget or DashBoard environments). You can use in all Voyager Section of Voyager having needed to input a coords, in Sequence editor, in DragScript blocks.

Also data can be imported from Website like [] (CSV or clipboard object list or panels mosaic) or from external Application like Cartes du Ciel , TheSkyX, Astroplanner with a massive import of targets just in a simple click.


Why use RoboClip

Because you can share data across Voyager world , fast and in safety. You can create personalized targets pointing to optimize framing.

You can put a text note to remember useful info about the target. You can cross platform creating your own targets catalog.

Integration with Virtual FOV Mosaic (Web Dashboard)

Starting from version 2.2.6 of Voyager , RoboClip can be integrated with the mosaic realized with the Virtual FOV using the Web Dashboard, you can create a mosaic in Virtual FOV and save the mosaic for using in sequence/dragscript or to modify in a second time

Example of mosaic realized with Virtual FOV using the Web Dashboard:

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