Voyager Command Line options

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Command Line Arguments for starting Voyager with options

For advanced users is possible to call manually Voyager using arguments from command line.

Executable name is Voyager2.exe, you can found the location of the executable using the facilities of OS, usually are in "C:\Program Files (x86)\Voyager\Voyager2.exe".

Here list of allowed command line (parameters can be mixed):

  • /instance:x this command line arguments force Voyager to start with a specific instance, substitute x with the number of instance (1 to 4). Max 2 instance are allowed if you using the BASE license, if you have CUSTOM license the number of instance you can start depends on how many node you have purchased with your license. All wrong parameters start the instance#1 , the default. Example : Voyager2.exe /instance:2 running the instance#2 of Voyager
Important Note! If you receive the message about another instance running this mean the Voyager2.exe process is already running in your OS (You have already Voyager opened or a dead process are running in OS and you must kill it from task manager).

  • /run:"fully qualified script filename" You can automatically launch a DragScript when you start Voyager from the command line. Example: Voyager2.exe /run:"C:\documents\pippo\voyager\script\script.vos"