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Evironment Variables are built int variables that user cas use in DragScript without creating. Name of Environment Variables starting with $$. To help on use them there is a window list where to copy the name in the DragScript Editor.

Environment Variables List Form

Click on the Envvar1.png icon in the main menù of Viking to open the Environment Variables List:


  • Label: name of Variable to use in DragScript
  • Type: type of DragScript variable
  • Group: label to identify a group / category of environment
  • Description: description of the variable meaning and definitio on various values if needed
  • Copy: to copy in clipboard the variable label for using in DragScript various blocks configuration

Environment Variables List

$$PERSEUS_FIRMWARE String OPTEC Perseus Firmware Version
$$PERSEUS_ISHOMED Counter OPTEC Perseus Report if Device is Homed (0=false, 1=true, -1=error)
$$PERSEUS_PORT Counter OPTEC Perseus Actual Selected Port (0=error, X=port index from 1 to 4)
$$PERSEUS_PORT1NAME String OPTEC Perseus Port 1 Name
$$PERSEUS_PORT2NAME String OPTEC Perseus Port 2 Name
$$PERSEUS_PORT3NAME String OPTEC Perseus Port 3 Name
$$PERSEUS_PORT4NAME String OPTEC Perseus Port 4 Name