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This paragraph refers to the Voyager 64bit. It indicates the installation methods, the procedures to be carried out after the first installation, the configuration operations, the usage notes and the problems that can be encountered.

Voyager Release information is here:


Voyager 64 bit is compiled from the same Voyager code you've been using so far; therefore, there will be no differences in use and configuration compared to what you already know. Its creation was necessary in order to increase the management and processing performance of data and large files generated by the latest CMOS cameras with very large sensors (from 24x36 mm onwards).

In fact, there are no longer the 3GB limits of addressable memory typical of 32-bit applications, even if Voyager was optimized to use the available 3GB efficiently.

64bit Drivers

To use Voyager 64 bit it is necessary to use both ASCOM and proprietary 64 bit drivers. As a rule, each device manufacturer already provides 32- and 64-bit drivers in the same installation package. In some cases it is necessary to download a dedicated 64-bit driver package such as for Moravian cameras or cameras that need to be connected to Voyager using the ASCOM drivers.

Devices without 64-bit drivers cannot be used (although using the Device Hub or the old ASCOM POTH it is still possible to try to use them indirectly with all the derived reliability limits).

For any problems encountered with the use of the drivers, it is NECESSARY to contact the manufacturer/developer directly. Many of these drivers are in Beta status and Voyager is not responsible for any malfunctions or differences in operation between version 32 and version 64. Voyager does not use different code between 32 and 64 bits.

Installation Files

The 32bit and 64bit Voyager installation files are different, the 64bit setup files have a trailing “_64bit” before the file extension.

Both versions are available from the official Voyager website

Differences in Installation between 32bit and 64bit

Voyager 32-bit installs in the folder C:\Program Files (x86)\Voyager

Instead, Voyager 64-bit is installed in the C:\Program Files\Voyager folder

It is therefore possible to install and have the two versions on the PC at the same time. Each version will have its own SDKs for directly supported cameras (one installation for 32-bit only and the other for 64-bit only)


What you can do about running Voyager:

  • You can run Voyager in 32bit or 64bit as dedicated icons will be created on screen for Voyager, FIT Viewer, RoboTarget Manager with the additional wording 64bit for 64bit versions (remember that RoboTarget Manager and FIT Viewer are already applications 64-bit even in the 32-bit installation from their birth)
  • In the case of multiple instances, 32 or 64-bit instances can be launched as long as you do not exceed the number of simultaneous instances allowed by your license
  • The configurations and all files in Documents / Voyager are common between the 32 and 64 bit version this means that the profiles and their contents are accessed by both the 32 and 64 bit making it very easy to use one version rather than another one
  • FIT Viewer and RoboTarget Manager can be used interchangeably with the 32 and 64 bit version of Voyager. There are two icons to highlight that they are in different installation folders

What you CANNOT do about running Voyager:

  • If you have 2 instances in your license launch 2 32-bit and 2 64-bit Voyager instances concurrently

Preliminary Operations for First Overall Installation of 64bit version

IT IS IMPERATIVE to install the new 32-bit version before installing the 64-bit one, this because only for the first time of use it will be necessary to transport the RoboClip data to the new version of the database used (RoboClip was in fact transported from the Access database to the SQlite database for compatibility with the 64-bit environment, Access does not have native 64-bit capabilities).

Operation After the First Installation

Start the 32-bit version of Voyager, open the RoboClip and import the old data. The RoboClip will in fact be empty on first use. This operation must be done only on first use after the first installation.


RoboClip data is shared between 32 and 64 bit, you will find the data in 64 bit version after this operation.

The 64-bit installation is a new installation, it will be necessary to give authorization to unblock the firewall of the web and application servers if used, without which they cannot be used.

Proceede after with the drivers verification, see above.

How to Recognize if You are using a 64bit Voyager Application

Each 64-bit Voyager application will display a blue graphic with the indication 64bit in the starting window and about, while for the main window in the command bar a small blue icon with the writing 64



Verify the Drivers and Control Settings Configured in Voyager

Before using for the first time:

Be sure to check that all drivers configured in the profile have the internal configurations you expect. Since 64-bit drives are instantiated, the active configurations may be empty even if the 32-bit drivers were previously correctly configured. On this occasion it will also be possible to realize, if you don't already know, if the drivers do not have the 64-bit version.

Automatic and Manual Updates

Update both the 32 and 64 bit versions if you use them interchangeably, sharing the same profile and data folder could create differences that could prevent their correct functioning.

Instead, each version will make its automatic updates only related to its type (32 bit only for 32 and 64 bit only for 64). It will therefore be necessary to open the two versions one at a time and proceed with the automatic update.

However, the 2 versions will always be released simultaneously by the Voyager staff.


  • We will not provide assistance for problems relating to the drivers in use.        
  • Voyager is not responsible for any malfunctions or differences in operation between version 32 and version 64. Voyager does not use different code between 32 and 64 bits.
  • Voyager does not provide 64-bit device drivers
  •  Any manual installations of the SDK must be done with the 64-bit dedicated files in the 64-bit Voyager folders, see the wiki about it
  • Voyager and our company are not responsible for any malfunctions and any damages arising from them in any capacity and in any manner in which it occurs. The voluntary use of Voyager implies the acceptance of this clause explicitly
  • It is possible that you will never be able to use the 64-bit version with your setup as one of the devices does not and will never have a 64-bit driver, at which point either go back to the 32-bit version or replace the device with one more modern one that supports 64-bit drivers.