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Starting from the version 2.2.8d of Voyager its possible to run more than 1 instance of Voyager.

You can use the main menù of Voyager dedicated to multi instances to start it or create a fixed shortcut on the desktop.

Its also possible start manually or create manually a link to start another instance of Voyager using the command line.

Maximum number of instance depends on you license, DEMO license doesn't allow multi instance, CUSTOM license allow the number of instance equal to number of nodes allowed for array, all the OTHER license can manage a maximum of 2 instance.

Important Note! Multi Instance can get busy your PC resource and power, so depends on you PC memory, processors and resource on how will be possible to hanfle the instance in a reliable way. Take care of this advice and check if your PC have more room to run the instances

Important Note! The possibility to use an external control (like Maxim) in many different instances depends on ability of this control to running itself more than one instance. Take care of this advice and check if the control you want to use allow you to use it in more than one isntance

Important Note! When an instance above #1 is running the port of the Application Server will be scaled from 5950 to 5951 , 5952 and 5952. This scaling mean that if you want to connect the instance with a web dashboard or FITViewer, the right port must be used. In case of FITViewer its possible to create a dedicate shortcut or using the main menù in Voyager for the Multi Instance